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Our Family Caring for Yours

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At Villa Valencia Healthcare Center, we value every resident who walks through our doors. We take a personal approach with each patient to ensure quality care is delivered in every detail and at every level.

Upon arrival at our nursing home, residents and their family members will meet with a facility representative to review their individualized treatment plan. Our representative will address the resident’s needs, set expectations, and answer questions.

Our registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, and certified nursing assistants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide loving, personalized assistance to our residents. They vow to show each resident respect, demonstrate daily compassion, and meet the needs of those they serve.

Life Tastes Good at Villa Valencia

A great nursing home isn’t complete without providing thoughtful care in every area of life. Good nutrition is crucial during the recovery process. That is why we take it upon ourselves to ensure our residents maintain a healthy and balanced diet during their stay.

When a new resident is admitted into Villa Valencia, he or she meets with our director of dietetics to discuss health requirements and dietary restrictions. After learning of the resident’s medical history and current medical state, our dietitian creates a customized meal tailored to the resident’s needs.

During dining hours, residents can enjoy homemade meals ranging from protein-packed pancakes to crisp, Italian spinach salads, and roasted chicken breasts seasoned with lemon juice and pepper. Residents also have the option of eating in the comfort of their bedrooms if they prefer.

For residents who are hungry or thirsty throughout the day, we offer beverages and healthy snacks upon request.

Never Too Old to Enjoy Life

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On top of providing great care and delicious dining, Villa Valencia OC also offers fun and productive activities to the patients.

​We know that the best therapy is providing residents with opportunities to do what they love with the people that they love. That is why we create an environment at our nursing home that promotes social interaction while allowing residents to pursue their passions.

Every month, we hold council meetings for residents to share their opinions and plan future activities. We welcome all family members to attend to play a part in their loved one’s social life.

Once an activity is chosen, our activities director works closely with the activity staff to plan the event. Below are some of the activities our department holds regularly:

Card Games

Board Games

Arts and Crafts

Television Shows

Friday Afternoon Socials

Weekly Outings

Weekly Entertainment

Birthday Singing Grams

Holiday Parties and Festivities

*Each resident has unique limitations—some more severe than others. To combat these limitations, we break our residents into groups based on their level of ability. This ensures that all residents can interact with others and develop new hobbies without exceeding their comfort level.